About Us

Our Story

We have lived in the city of San Diego pretty much our entire lives, noticed the cost of custom apparel was absurd, and the turn around time would take weeks if you were lucky. We wanted to craft an easier, more efficient way to customize tees and clothing at an affordable cost. So a few of us got together and Custom Clothing Company was born.  

We thrive on a few key details. Communication with our customers is what sets up apart. We go over every detail to make sure the job you want done, is done right. Don't like the outcome, we will fix it until it's right. We pride ourselves on trying to beat the competitions turn around time (within reason, we need to let our staff sleep on occasion.) We will match our competitors price because we believe in fair negotiations. Since we do custom work, we make sure the items are exactly what you imagined, every stitch or paint job of the way.  

Please shoot us an email and talk to us, we don't bite.